Why should you Travel

Why should you Travel
By Crazymyworld
Added on Mar 20, 2023

Why people should travel? Good question ask yourself this. What do you want out of life? Is there something missing, is there a thought that comes every so often?

Yelling “The world is so big I haven't seen 1% of it yet.” Think about it. Do you want to die? Without seeing and learning what's out there.

This is where I need to step in and help you on your journey to figuring it out and Preparing for a trip worldwide gets easier. As you travel more, and gain experience so let's get started.


I know this is most likely the first thing that pops into your head (me too). I don't blame you, but that doesn't have to stop you. There are so many travel companies out there.

Fighting for your loyalty and money, use that to your advantage.

Here's an example before it was American Airlines for flying, taxis for transport, and the Hilton Hotel for Lodging.

At least those were the main ones, and there were expensive.​

Now you have Airbnb for lodging. Which is one of my personal favorites. Uber for transport, Expedia for flying.

Plus, every year there are new start-ups increasing competition and making prices more competitive.

Which lowers the cost to you, because companies want to keep you from going to the other guy.

This is one of the many reasons. Why people should travel now and take advantage of the competition fighting each other for your wallet.

Hint: look at TripAdvisor It has more honest reviews. Then most forums on the internet for travel.

You can easily get insights into almost any Travel business you're on the fence about.

You should look at reviews with pictures and in-depth details there, TripAdvisor by far is the most trustworthy.


This was something we see in movies or history books. Let me tell you from personal experience.​

Interacting with a new culture physically, it's a whole new ball game. Just look at the picture below when I traveled to Cuzco, Peru.​​

My selfie with two Alpacas on Rainbow mountain.
Hugging two Alpacas on the top of Rainbow Mountain, Cusco

I just had to hug them, and they were so friendly they even posed for a picture.​

This is one of the many things you encounter during your travels that you would never imagine.

Don't get intimidated by the looks of something (I thought they would bite me if I got close.) Nope, fat chance these two Alpacas are the true definition of cute and friendly.

The more you travel the more you will learn about the languages, food, history, and people.​

These exciting reasons alone are more than enough to answer the question in your mind. Why people should travel as much as possible.

Believe me, it's way better than just staying at some fancy resort your entire trip sunbathing.


Remember when your parents would say “Go out there and make friends” when you were in preschool?​

Yeah! Me to yet as we get older, we build a circle, and we stick to that circle of friends.

Why? It's your comfort zone, it's easier to talk with someone you know for 10 years than someone you just met.

Yet let me tell you when you're Adventuring around the world, that's what happens.

You meet people left and right.​ So this is your opportunity to learn from those friends about new places.

Recommendations on where to stay, heck, they might even invite you to their country.​

BAM worldwide networking begins. Look at a few friends I made below.

On tour with a group of Peruvian travelers
On a tour bus with a group of Peruvian tourists


I know we were being silly. We had a good laugh and long conversations. Now I can say I have friends in Peru.​

Don't be afraid to befriend people, it can help you down the line.

Plus, it's a good way to pass the time, when you are sitting for hours to get to your destination.


You thought I was going to skip the best part of traveling.

Well, let me tell you travel is not complete without adventure.​

If you're like me, the adventure should be 50% of the reason why people should travel.​ Imagine the hikes, and scenic views, as you can see below.

Mountains near the Hoover Dam
Mountains on the right side of the Hoover Dam

You can do this too. All it takes is a leap of faith into the world of travel.​ This picture was taken back when I was in the State of Nevada.

On my way to the Grand Canyon. I spent $92 for a 15-hour tour with everything including bus, food, and the Grand Canyon.

Now ask yourself, is this a bad deal? You mostly likely spend more going to a mid-tier restaurant with friends or family for a night.


This might seem unimportant, but it is for those of you who are the nervous type (I was one).

It's important because this is free therapy on top of your travel fun.

If you're exposing yourself to new places, faces, and cultures repeatedly. Going through rough airports.

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone constantly, you adapt to it. This will help you control your travel fears and be a stronger person not just when you travel but when you're back home.​

For example, that new job you're waiting for why get nervous when you zip-lined through the Costa Rican, Rainforest?​

That mentality will come up you will think “I have gone through worse than this.”.

I personally have benefited from this because of the confidence. I have gained through my travels around the world you can too.

Job Opportunity​

The chances are rare you think it never happens. Yet it does. In my case, I made friends with people in other countries who offered me jobs.

Meaning if I ever want to leave the U.S. and become an Expat. I would get a job easily I speak two languages (almost three).

Plus an Associate's degree, I can become a tour guide, teaching classes at certain schools.

The opportunities are endless, so always be on the lookout for chances like this when you travel.

Also, ask yourself why should you limit your success in your home country.

I had a friend who had no prospects in Peru but got a high-paying job in Ecuador. This is another incentive Why people should travel.

He told me he didn't regret it; he had the best time of his life. Should the chance present itself don't waste it.


You're asking yourself, Why should I care about this? Technically, there is some weight to this. Yet ask yourself, when is knowledge ever a bad thing?

I'm using myself again for reference I started Crazymyworld, blogging about travel through years of travel experience.

Plus, the more you know, the better you can protect yourself from scammers or expensive trips through overpriced companies.

It's common knowledge that tourists in any country are the most targeted.

So by being savvy, you know the tricks used to get you.

You can even use this in your home country. There are slight differences, but it's useful.

When you take those scam-sensing skills with you every time you travel or you're at home.

You can save a lot of money by not dealing with it. I will tell you what I mean.​

Every country I have traveled to, including different states. I always go to local restaurants and not the name brands.​ Why?

Simple they overcharge for food you can get at a mom-and-pop shop for half the price.

Plus it's not as good.​ This strategy works in every country. Just doing this alone can save you hundreds per trip. Remember the adage that knowledge is power.


Be smart, I want you as fellow travelers. To enjoy life as much as possible. I like to think I'm contributing to humanity.​

Just using one of these techniques can be a game-changer. Why should you travel when your retired, start now, and enjoy life.

Try to test each of these techniques one by one. When you see results, you will do it more after a while you will become a pro.​

You will laugh at your friends because they didn't read this blog.

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Author: Edwin Reyes

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