What to See and Do in Dubai

What to See and Do in Dubai
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Added on Mar 27, 2023

Dubai in the UAE is a great holiday destination in the Middle East.

The scenery is stunning, the locals are friendly, and the atmosphere is thought-provoking.

When you visit Dubai, you will enjoy an amazing blend of history and modern sophistication.

Add to that the most impressive city views, outstanding landmarks, ground-breaking attractions, and some of the best food and shopping scenes in the world, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable trip.

Dubai's irresistible travel appeal is a result of its inexhaustible and ever-expanding list of things to do and see.

Here's a glimpse into what visitors can expect from this fascinating emirate country.

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Burj Khalifa

The 830-meter-tall Burj Khalifa is one of the most ambitious engineering feats Dubai has ever completed.

In addition to its iconic status, Burj Khalifa is a fantastic experience in itself.

From ground level, you feel small compared to the Burj Khalifa’s soaring frame, but zoom off to the top of the building to reverse this feeling.

Your vantage point change, making you feel as if you tower over everything around you.

It is an experience not to be missed and can be enhanced even further with a dinner at the highest restaurant in the world Atmosphere.

Another option is a stay at the Armani Dubai hotel located within the Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai
A close-up view of The Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Dubai Fountain and Palm Fountain

Gracing your views next to Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Fountain-one of the most stunning attractions to visit in Dubai.

The Dubai Fountain is located on Burj Lake, where synchronized lights, water jets, and melodic music create an enchanting spectacle.

Saunter around in the evening to catch a spectacular illuminating dancing fountain show by Dubai Fountain.

Occasionally, the Burj Khalifa joins the show and adds a glistening and dazzling touch using millions of LED lights and lasers.

Dubai loves its cityscape embellished with outstanding water elements, and one of the most noteworthy is the Palm Fountain at The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah.

A stroll around the attraction and viewing its scintillating performance of water jets shooting up in the sky is a mesmerizing experience.

Just like the Bellagio Fountain of Las Vegas.

Dubai Fountain Show in Dubai
Dubai Fountain Show at Night

Dubai Frame

Witness the stunning fusion of past heritage and modern splendors at Dubai Frame.

Boasted as the biggest frame in the world.

Dubai Frame is a colossal rectangular picture frame adorned with gold rings that dazzle in the bright sunshine in Dubai.

It is equally captivating to witness the evening views when the attraction is lit in colorful hues.

The top bridge of the frame acts as an observatory deck from where you can view breathtaking panoramas of Old Dubai and cosmopolitan Dubai.

The backdrop of the city skyline offers a glimpse into how the emirate, once a simple settlement, has evolved into a global city.

The famous Dubai Frame
An early morning view of the Dubai Frame

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai is all about making impossible creations possible.

A beautiful example of this passion is the Dubai Miracle Garden, which stands in the midst of a desert city as a colorful floral oasis.

One million plants adorn the Dubai Miracle Garden, which has been tagged as the largest natural flower garden in the world.

There are gorgeous dioramas and topiaries throughout the garden.

Visitors to Dubai during the cooler months should not miss out on this seasonal attraction.

There are plenty of beautiful sights to capture in your camera as memories of the riot of fragrant and vivid blossoms everywhere.

The Dubai Miracle Garden in Dubai
The Dubai Miracle Garden on a sunny day

Ain Dubai

There are various vantage points in Dubai from where you can view unrivaled panoramas of the emirate’s skyline.

The newly launched Ain Dubai, located at Bluewaters Island, offers a unique perspective-a view of Dubai's sprawling skyline and shoreline from various angles.

The 40-minute ride on one of its spacious pods offers an enchanting view and a great time with family and friends.

The Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel
The Ain Dubai Ferris wheel during the summer

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

While admiring all the jaw-dropping structures of modern Dubai, it is natural to be curious about what the city looked like before becoming an ultra-modern city.

The answer can be found at Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood-a section by Dubai Creek that keeps intact a part of Dubai's heritage.

Discover a world of simple, minimalist architecture as you wander down alleys lined with sand-colored houses and old courtyards.

Views are more humble here than in the sophisticated Dubai you have seen so far.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
Walking by the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

Splashing fun and high-speed thrills

Dubai theme parks Entertainment and fun go hand in hand in Dubai and the emirate has a collection of theme parks, water parks, and recreational venues to keep its visitors amused.

Aquaventure waterpark is the perfect destination for hard-core adventurers interested in adrenaline-pumping rides.

Those who love fantasy can explore the IMG Worlds of Adventure, Bollywood Park Dubai, and Motiongate.

Which fuse the worlds of television and cinema with high-end thrills and entertainment.

At Legoland Dubai, kids can have their fill of fun.

Bored with the real world? Head over to VR Park in Dubai Mall for an ultimate virtual escape.

A friendly family posing in IMG Worlds of Adventure
IMG Worlds of Adventure with a loving family posing

Shopping! Dubai

Is undoubtedly the best destination for shopping sprees, thanks to its vast array of malls, souks, and retail outlets.

In Dubai, visitors can experience the ultimate in high-end shopping at Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, and the Mall of the Emirates.

The Dubai Souks are perfect for those who like an affordable shopping experience or just want to find amazing souvenirs to take home with them.

There's no better place to shop than Dubai, whether you want to splurge or buy at a discount. Just make sure you know how to avoid hidden travel fees.

So the shopping spree doesn't turn into a financial headache when you return home.

The excitement is certainly doubled during the Dubai shopping festival held annually in the emirate.

There are discounts and sales galore at this time of year, and you might even get lucky and win prizes at lucky draws and raffles.

Exploring the food scene in Dubai

Dubai's flourishing food scene is hard to ignore. It is truly a thrill to enjoy a variety of exotic cuisine from around the world presented to you in various assortments.

Explore the diversity of local food options at Dubai Creek's famous restaurants and cafes.

A variety of Dubai's swankiest hotels host brunch and high-tea sessions for guests to enjoy.

Some of the best brunches and high tea experiences to try on a Dubai tour are at Atelier M, Belgian Cafe, Eloquent Elephant, Al Bayt, Aspen, Plato's, and Sahn Edgar.

With rooftop dining, beachfront dining, or a dhow cruise with dinner on Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina.

You can enjoy a splendid ambiance, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking scenery.

Try one of the food experiences in Dubai and you will remember it forever.


Dubai is like Mary Poppin's bag for globetrotters, providing them with all kinds of options depending on their travel wishes.

In Dubai, every type of traveler can find a suitable experience-whether they are family vacationers, honeymooners, adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, luxury seekers, or budget tourists.

In addition to its beauty, there is something about it that's hard to express simply in words.

Dubai is a city that must be visited to truly grasp the magnitude of its splendor. It is a destination that should be visited at least once in your lifetime.

So grab a Flight and experience the Middle East.

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