Things to do in Salem Ma

Things to do in Salem Ma
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Salem, Massachusetts is a charming city that attracts visitors from all over the world.

There's an abundance of things to do in Salem MA, especially during October when the Halloween season is in full swing. (a lot of traffic)

Why should you travel to one of the must-sees in Salem it's because of the famous Witch Trials Memorial.

Which commemorates those who were wrongfully accused and executed for practicing witchcraft in 1692.

Another popular attraction in Salem during October is The House of Seven Gables.

A historic mansion that inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel of the same name.

Visitors can take guided tours and explore the beautiful gardens on-site.

For those interested in learning more about the history of witchcraft and its role in Salem's past.

A visit to The Witch House museum is a must-do activity.

Aside from these historical landmarks, there are also plenty of shops selling unique souvenirs and local treats like pumpkin-flavored everything!

Whether you're looking for spooky thrills or just want to soak up some New England charm, there's something for everyone in Salem.

Historical sites

First on your list of things to do in Salem, MA is to visit the historical sites that make this town so unique.

Salem is home to some of the most significant historical landmarks in America, such as the Salem Witch Trials Memorial and the House of Seven Gables.

The Witch Trials Memorial commemorates those who were wrongly accused and executed during the infamous witch trials of 1692.

The House of Seven Gables is a beautiful mansion that dates back to the 17th century.

It was famously used as inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel of the same name.

In addition to these well-known sites, there is also plenty of lesser-known but equally interesting places to explore.

Like Pioneer Village - a living history museum that showcases what life was like for early settlers in New England.

For those visiting Salem in October, it's worth checking out some of the special events hosted at these historical sites during the Halloween season.

The events include guided tours through haunted houses and spooky candlelit walks through historic cemeteries.

Whether you're a history buff or just looking for something unique to do while visiting Salem, exploring its rich history should be at the top of your itinerary!

Witch Museum, House of Seven Gables

The Witch Museum and House of Seven Gables are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Witch Museum offers an immersive experience that transports visitors back to the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692.

Through a combination of life-size dioramas, recorded narration, and dramatic lighting effects.

Visitors can learn about the events that led to the trials and explore the psychological and social dynamics at play during this dark chapter in American history.

On the other hand, The House of Seven Gables provides a glimpse into New England's colonial past.

Built in 1668, it is one of the oldest surviving timber-framed houses in North America.

Visitors can tour its rooms filled with period furniture and artifacts while learning about Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel.

"The House of Seven Gables," which was inspired by this historic building.

Both attractions offer something unique for history buffs or anyone interested in learning more about Salem's fascinating past.

With so much history to uncover in this charming town, these two sites should be on every visitor's must-see list when visiting Salem, MA.

Waterfront attractions

Salem, Massachusetts is known for its rich history and picturesque waterfront.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities along the Salem Harbor which offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

One popular attraction is the Salem Ferry, which provides transportation services from Boston to Salem and back.

The ferry ride offers an opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery while also learning about Salem's maritime history.

For those looking for something more adventurous, kayaking tours are available for exploring the harbor up close.

Kayakers can paddle around Derby Wharf, Bakers Island Lighthouse, and other historic sites while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze.

Another popular water activity is fishing off one of Salem's many piers or chartering a boat for deep-sea fishing.

Aside from water-based activities, visitors can explore various eateries along Pickering Wharf or shop at local boutiques offering unique souvenirs.

The waterfront district also hosts several events throughout the year.

Such as music festivals and fireworks displays during Independence Day celebrations.

Overall, there are plenty of waterfront attractions in Salem that offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Harbor tours, Peabody Essex Museum

If you're looking for a fun and informative way to learn about Salem's history, consider taking one of the many harbor Tours offered in town.

These tours offer stunning views of the city from the water while providing insight into Salem's rich maritime history.

A popular option is the Mahi Mahi Harbor Cruises tour, which takes you on a 90-minute adventure around Salem Sound.

You'll see lighthouses, islands, and other notable landmarks while learning about Salem's role in seafaring.

Another must-see attraction in Salem is the Peabody Essex Museum.

This renowned museum boasts an impressive collection of art and artifacts that showcase New England and global culture throughout history.

From antique furniture to rare textiles, paintings to sculptures, there's something for everyone at this world-class institution.

The museum also offers special exhibits throughout the year that highlight specific themes or artists.

Making it worthwhile to visit multiple times if you're a fan of art and history.

Don't miss out on these two fantastic attractions during your trip to Salem!

Food and drink

Salem, Massachusetts, is a vibrant city that boasts a rich history and culture.

One of the things that make Salem popular among tourists is its food and drink scene.

Whether you're in the mood for something savory or sweet, Salem has plenty of options to satisfy your cravings.

For starters, if you're a seafood lover, you can't miss out on trying some of Salem's fresh oysters.

Several restaurants in the area serve up these delicious mollusks on the half-shell or cooked up in creative ways.

If you prefer meatier options, there are also plenty of steak and burger joints around town.

If you have a sweet tooth, don't worry - there are plenty of bakeries and cafes scattered throughout Salem.

That offer scrumptious desserts such as pastries, cakes, cookies, and ice cream!

You can even indulge in some specialty chocolates made by local artisans.

If it's something boozy you're after?

There are several bars offering craft beer brewed locally along with unique cocktails mixed by skilled bartenders.

With so many tasty options to choose from in Salem's food and drink scene – where will your taste buds take you?

Local seafood, craft beer

When visiting Salem, MA, seafood and craft beer are two must-try experiences for any visitor.

The city is known for its rich maritime history, which makes it the perfect destination to indulge in some fresh local seafood.

Whether you're craving lobster, shrimp, or oysters, Salem offers a range of restaurants that serve up delicious dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients.

In addition to indulging in some local seafood, visitors should also make it a point to try out some of the city's craft beers.

Salem has an impressive selection of breweries that produce unique and flavorful beers that are sure to satisfy any beer lover's palate.

From IPAs and stouts to lagers and pilsners, there's something for everyone in this quaint coastal town.

One popular brewery worth checking out is Notch Brewing Company.

Known for their German-style lagers served in traditional half-liter glasses called "kranz," Notch offers a unique drinking experience that transports visitors straight to Bavaria.

Other notable breweries include Far From The Tree Cider and Deacon Giles Distillery & Tasting Room.

Which offers whiskey-based drinks as well as gin-based cocktails featuring botanicals sourced from around the world.

Halloween events

One of the most popular Halloween events in Salem, Massachusetts is the Haunted Happenings Grand Parade.

Held on the last Saturday of October, this parade brings together locals and visitors alike to celebrate the spooky season.

The parade features elaborate floats, scary costumes, and live performances that create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Another must-see event during Halloween in Salem is the Salem Witch Walk.

Led by local experts on witchcraft and history, this walking tour takes you through some of Salem's most haunted spots.

You'll learn about the town's dark past while experiencing spine-chilling stories and legends that will make your hair stand on end.

In addition to these main events, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy during Halloween in Salem.

From haunted house tours to ghost hunts, there's something for everyone who loves all things spooky and paranormal.

Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a scare, Salem is definitely worth a visit during the Halloween season!

Haunted Happenings festival, ghost tours

The Haunted Happenings festival in Salem, Massachusetts is an annual event that draws thousands of visitors from all over the world.

This month-long celebration takes place every October and features a wide range of spooky activities and events, including ghost tours.

These ghost tours are one of the main attractions during the festival, providing visitors with a chance to explore some of Salem's most haunted sites.

Guided by experienced paranormal experts, these tours take guests through historic neighborhoods and landmarks.

Where they can learn about Salem's rich history while hearing chilling tales of hauntings and other supernatural occurrences.

For those who want to experience the thrill of a ghost tour but prefer something more immersive, there are also interactive theatrical experiences available.

These experiences allow guests to become part of the story as they navigate through dark alleys and winding streets.

Encountering ghosts and other eerie characters along the way.

No matter which option you choose, experiencing a ghost tour during Salem's Haunted Happenings festival is sure to be a memorable experience.

That will leave you feeling both spooked and entertained. So control your travel fears and bring your costume to experience Salem at its spookiest.

Outdoor activities

Salem, Massachusetts is a beautiful city with lots of outdoor activities that tourists and locals can enjoy.

One of the most popular attractions in Salem is the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.

Visitors can take a stroll through this historic landmark while learning about the trials that took place in 1692.

Another outdoor activity that visitors can engage in is hiking.

There are several hiking trails around Salem, such as the Marblehead Rail Trail, which offers stunning views of the ocean and wildlife sightings along the way.

Additionally, there are plenty of parks and beaches around Salem where people can relax and have some fun under the sun.

Finally, those looking for more adventurous outdoor activities should try kayaking or paddleboarding on Salem Harbor.

Renting equipment from one of many local vendors allows visitors to explore beautiful waterways while enjoying a good workout.

With all these options available, it's easy to see why Salem is a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts!

Bike trails, Salem Willows Park

Salem Willows Park is a perfect spot for those looking to explore the outdoors by bike.

With its picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean and lush greenery, it's one of the most popular destinations in Salem, MA.

The park boasts several miles of well-maintained bike trails that offer riders a chance to enjoy nature while getting their exercise fix.

The park features several different trail options for riders of all levels and abilities.

Some trails are relatively flat and beginner-friendly, while others feature more challenging terrain for experienced cyclists looking for a bit more excitement.

The paths are wide enough to accommodate both bikers and pedestrians comfortably.

Making it an excellent choice for families with children who want to ride together safely.

In addition to its scenic bike trails, visitors can take advantage of other amenities at Salem Willows Park such as picnic areas, playgrounds, and even an arcade.

On hot summer days, visitors can also cool off by taking a dip in the ocean or enjoying some classic New England fare.

From one of the many food vendors located throughout the park.

Overall, Salem Willows Park is an ideal destination for anyone looking to spend some time outdoors.

Exploring beautiful bike trails while also enjoying all that this historic seaside town has to offer.


In conclusion, Salem is an ideal destination for history buffs, Halloween enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a good ghost story.

This small coastal town in Massachusetts has so much to offer visitors with its rich history and charming architecture.

From the Salem Witch Trials Memorial to the House of Seven Gables museum, there are plenty of attractions that will transport you back in time.

In addition to historical sites, Salem also boasts a vibrant art scene with galleries and museums showcasing local talent.

Visitors can also indulge in some retail therapy at the many eclectic shops selling everything from witchcraft supplies to handmade jewelry.

no trip to Salem would be complete without sampling some of the delicious seafood cuisine offered by local restaurants.

Overall, whether you're looking for a spooky adventure or simply want to explore a quaint New England town with lots of character.

Salem is definitely worth adding to your travel bucket list.

With so many things to do and see here.

It's easy to see why this charming town has become such a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Just be prepared for out-of-character weather and large crowds taking selfies.

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